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An online mall with its own supply chain


The BuyerCamp system provides a complete supply chain, IT technology, business marketing and other support services to serve all kinds of suppliers, purchasing agents, entrepreneurs and traditional enterprises.


About us

The BuyerCamp company was established in 2017 and is mainly engaged in cross boarder E-Commerce and related supply chain services. The company established branches and direct mail, cross-border or duty paid warehouse in Sydney, Melbourne, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Chongqing, Shanghai and other places. The buyer camp system serves all kinds of suppliers, purchasing agents, entrepreneurs and traditional enterprises, providing them with a complete supply chain, IT technology, business, marketing and other support services.

Business Categories

Site Affiliate
Different sites manage different areas of business
Merchant settled
The system supports third-party merchants to set up shops
Self-operated retail
The system support platform self-operated retail
Provide supply for self-operated and settled merchants
Shop QR code
Scan the QR code to register and become a member of store and automatically bookmark the store
Regional site join
Rapidly expand the site by way of franchise chain
Cloud product library product collection
The store administrator can control the merchant collect goods
Shop rebate
The mall organizes buyers to purchases and the merchant pays the mall in return
Online and offline activities
Attract users to the store online, offline high-quality service users.

System advantages

A true B2B system

Merchants can have their own IP, independently put on and off shelves, set commodity prices, manage distributors and consumers, use various tools for fission and business development.

Diversified operations

Users can become a B-end platform according to their own conditions, open C store on different B-end platforms, or become a distributor of a C store. They can combine their original business to active offline or private domain traffic to empower the original business.

Marketing advantages

Promote advantages
The BuyerCamp system owns a public account with approximately 500,000 fans and has more than 2 million fans that can be involved.
Precise customer group
The BuyerCamp system has more than 20 Wechat fan groups of 500 people and 20 service Wechat accounts.
Ecological advantages
The BuyerCamp system has its own Australian local logistics system and is working to build a trace-ability and payment system.
Experience advantages
As one of Australia's largest cross-border supply chain service platforms, the buyer team has more than ten years of experience in China-Australian trade and has established mature cooperative relationships with many manufacturers, brands, and industrial chain service providers.

Project display

Cooperation Brand